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Now Taking Orders for the 2022 Season!

Celeabrating 15 Years of Preservation With Icelandic Landrace Chickens!

Long time breeders and most trusted source, maintaining quality, genetic diversity, pure Icelandic landrace chickens in North America.

We do not keep any other breeds of poultry on our farm, in order insure the purity and preservation of our Icelandic chicken's genetic antiquity. We are NPIP certified #35-0593 and AI clean.

Icelandic Landrace Chickens

Hatching Eggs and Day-Old Chicks

Ordering Instructions and Information

David Grote 6885 Bartlett Rd. Iron River, WI 54847



*We ship hatching eggs (when available) all year round.  Each egg is wrapped in tissue and placed in an egg carton, each carton is then wrapped in bubble wrap. Whenever possible, I use sheep's wool from our flock of Icelandic sheep to insulate and cushion your hatching eggs on all sides of the USPS flat-rate-box.  It can smell rather “sheepy” because it is raw, unwashed, unprocessed wool, so you should wash your hands with soap and water after handling it. Wool is a perfect insulator and works extremely well for shipping in both cold and warmer weather.  It holds up well to rough treatment during the shipping process, is biodegradable and has many uses.

*Day-old chicks are shipped spring (March-June) and fall (Sept-Oct)  You'll have to place your order and pay well in advance of the hatch dates to reserve your spot.  Day-old chicks are shipped USPS Express, each week, Monday and Tuesday during the shipping season.  USPS Express is almost never by next day, so allow for 2 shipping days before panicking.

The cost for 25 day old chicks is $200, shipping USPS Express mail is $50 flat rate fee for 10-25 chicks, the special shipping box for the chicks is $8, for a total of $258 for 25 chicks.  I will ship fewer numbers of day old chicks (10),  temperatures permitting, at a cost of $10 per chick.  Chicks are sold straight run only, which means you'll get about 50/50 pullets and cockerels.  A $25 fee is charged for canceled orders once scheduled. A 3.5% tax has been added to all on line orders to cover PayPal transaction fees.  You can avoid this by paying with a check.  Checks can be made out and mailed to: Whippoorwill Farm 6885 Bartlett Rd. Iron River, WI 54847


Additional Information:

Our hatching eggs are selected from several breeding groups that change throughout the season for the best possible assortment of genetics, colours and comb types.  All are pure Icelandic landrace chickens.  Our breeding stock was obtained and cultivated over the past 15 years from the original importers and from a select few, known, reputable breeders that we occationally parnter with. 

I will begin hatching for the 2021 season in late February and March, for local pick-up orders.  I expect to begin shipping chicks late March, or early April this season, weather permitting, and continue until it becomes too warm to ship them safely, usually after the first week in June.  I resume in the fall if there is interest.   

We are the third longest breeders of the landrace in North America and boast one of, if not the most genetically diverse flocks in the U.S.  We are THE go to source for and maintain the largest collection of available genetics for Hlesey and Husatoftir imports in North America.   

We will have a limited number of chicks and/or started birds available for local pick-up this summer if you'd like to pick your birds up at our farm.  There is no minimum for local pick up, you can purchase as few as you like based on availability.  If you want larger numbers (12 or more), you will need to actually place an order.

Visit our Facebook Page, 'Icelandic Chickens of Whippoorwill Farm' for photos and more information about our preservation flock of Viking Chickens.

We are not a commercial hatchery and take limited, individual hatching orders for day old, straight run, un-sexed, Icelandic chicks.  I run 3 GQF Sportsman incubators and hatch weekly during the hatching season.  Sometimes hatches don't go as planned and I run a few chicks short for an order.  If this happens, you will only be charged for the number of chicks shipped.  I include extra chicks whenever possible.  If you are looking for 50 or more chicks, contact us to schedule a hatch.  An additional shipping charge may be added to orders of 30-50 chicks.    

*We'll do our best to work with you on any chicks lost in shipping*   


To place an order for hatching eggs, or day-old chicks, I've included easy purchasing buttons below, for shipping orders only, or you can pay by personal check after contacting us.  Use the drop down menu to make your selections and click.  After placing your order you will need to email a brief message to schedule the date you would like the eggs or chicks shipped which also includes your full physical address if different from your mailing address and a phone number to:, or use the Contact page.  *Please be sure to read all of the information below before placing your order.*  Contact us for larger orders than the options below and we'll take care of you.  

*Note: For fewer numbers of chicks being picked up at the farm, you can pay at the time of pick-up or ask for a PayPal invoice to pay in advace. 

*When selecting 'Day Old Chicks' option below, the price includes an $10 shipping box for all chick orders.  We ship hatching eggs and chicks throughout the contiguous United States and Alaska.

*Day old chicks  $8 each for 25 or more, $10 each for orders fewer than 25) $50 flat rate shipping charge USPS Express for orders of 25 or fewer. An additional shipping charge may be added to orders of 30-50 day old chicks

*Shipping box $8

(All chicks are sold straight run, unsexed and shipped when less than 24 hours old.)

*Started chicks  $15 (available for pick up only) Chicks over one week of age, straight run, unsexed

*Confirmed Pullets  $25 (available for pick up only)

*Laying Hens  $50 (available for pick up only)

*Roosters $50 (available for pick up only)

*Cockerels $25 (available for pick up only)

*Hatching Eggs - One dozen $50  (12 + extras) $20 shipping USPS Large Flat Rate Box Priority Shipping

*Hatching Eggs - Half dozen $35  (6 + extras) $20 shipping USPS Flat Rate Box Priority Shipping

Celebrating 15 years of preservation!

We ship hatching eggs year round.  Remember to send an email to schedule a shipping date to: or use the contact page.

All orders placed after October 1st, 2021 will be shipped in spring, (March-June 2022)  Remember to send an email to schedule a shipping date to: or use the contact page.

Due to operational cost increases, we may be forced to raise prices on our day old chicks and hatching eggs in the future. At this time we are maintaining our prices at our 2014 rates. We've not increased our prices since beginning this venture even though our operational expenses have increased exponentially. Maintaining a preservation flock of this sort and housing a significant number of older less productive treasured hens in order to preserve genetic diversity is very costly.